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Wednesday, March 7, 2007

A sight for sore eyes

It wasn't more than two or three weeks ago now. I saw the ol' gal. That beauty of work and steel. She had a new paint job, rims, and oversized tires. She'd gone threw some hard times though. She's lookin' like an armed model now, but been threw a few lovers of late. Then there were the additives she'd been hooked on for so long, hell, damn near tore her valves up over that. She would've been left for dead out on that lonely highway. Good thing there was that wrecker. A good man, did her well. Wish I could say she reciprocated, but nah, that wouldn't be like her to do that. Something about her though left that ol' lift and tow in good spirits. She did have that quality. You know the one where you'd let her walk right up to you and put a bullet through your foot all the while wearing a smile that seemed to say "...just keep smilin' hun, you'll be fine."

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