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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

non-fossil fuel fuels

Another quick thought:

Are fossil fuels really the most overall effective fuels. I'm talking about total cost of production and implementation and also return on investment.

The good people at www.journeytoforever.org give good evidence and research for looking into alts.

Bio-Diesel will be a big player in the near future. That is to say an even bigger player. (Most farm diesel has some percentage of it as bio)


Unicameral like Nebraska

A quick thought:

Why don't we have a Federal non-partisan unicameral congress, or even one of the legislative houses for that matter.

I was watching something on the History Channel and it mentioned that Nebraska has made this their way for legislature. Seems like a better way to handle it.


Monday, October 22, 2007

FSU v. Miami

Whatta bummer of a game. Pre-game antics were wonderful. Homage to the DEVICE!

Jackplane Ranch, WY

I went hunting with a few friends out in Wyoming a couple weeks ago courtesy of the Jack-plane Ranch. Beautiful country, almost in a desolate, uber-western way. Rough hills pour over the entire scenery when your standing in that property. I shot and killed a young buck. The other two guys shot a buck each. Great hunt and many thanks to Rick for the opportunity and guide.

We traveled around the area taking in what the Big Horn mountains and the town of Buffalo could offer. (Maybe I'll post some pics)

If you're an outdoorsman and headed that way, I definitely suggest skipping Cabela's and take your business down to the Sportslure. They were able to offer quality advice, knowledge of product, and courteous service. I plan on going back there again.

Journal of a crapper

I don't remember if I've said it before. (I don't read my own blog) But this has turned into more of a "Journal of a Crapper" than I thought it would get to be.