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Monday, May 26, 2008

More Ideas on New leaves and turning them.

It's probably a noble idea to want to make a change for the better. Or even to just make a change at all. The more and more I think about trying to change things I don't like about my life or situation, it seems it becomes that much harder to do. The more I focus on what I think a problem might be, it seems that I've got less time to do anything about it! --Especially when it is in regard to new activity. The amount of time doesn't change of course, but my interpretation of it does.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Does it Pay?

Well, I'm back to my regular job and my daily routine. I don't like my job that much. It really seems to rob me of so much time. But rejection letter after rejection letter has gotten on to be kind of depressing at this point. I've even gotten to where I don't even look at the job listings regularly. (It used to be a daily occurrence.) I suppose I could get a less "hourly-demanding" job, but here's another stinker --I need the damn money and without too much paper behind me (i.e. a Bachelor's D.) I feel I should hang on to the current carrot-on-a-stick that's already been hanging out in front of my face for the last year. I'm heading back to school, most likely for engineering. Still not entirely sure. Florida is making it a bit of a bugger to get back into school too. How much is a person's time worth...

For bums, you know, there time is worth the most. They don't have to work at all.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

Recent travels and endeavors

I came back this weekend from a 3-week farming trip in NW Minnesota. Planted oats, wheat, and barley. Should be able to have soybeans in by the first of June. It's a great experience to breathe the air and drink the water from that part of the country. It just seems to be cleaner and easier to take in.