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Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Too much

I actually envy some of the people I can't stand. That is I at least go through the motions of envious behavior and thought. Horrible to think that though I may say it oughtta be this way when I feel so guilty if it isn't that way. I think I'll brush up on my French.


I'm all over the place. Too many thoughts, too out of time. Too much energy when I shouldn't have any. Not enough when I believe I really need it. Too easily manipulated to get rich quick, to get smart, to get help, to get back, to get anywhere. Huh...

Sunday, April 1, 2007


From the point of view of an ant the world undoubtedly looks different, but would it feel different also? An ant has the ability, poise, and confidence to "pick up" a droplet of water. Actually pick it up, really. For us it seems such an impossibility, at least without the help of tools or a long long long time practicing --no doubt some form of oriental mysticism. Anyway, so the ant can pick it up because it does not break the tension of the water with its "hands", straight outta the box, no practice (i don't know for sure, but I'd bet a few farms the ant'd do it before you.) I wonder about the other things on its level that must seem just as normal to the ant, but so far out of our reality. Like social tensions, biological tensions, things like that. Disney and Pixar easily corrupt the minds with all that human-ification in their movies, but I'm gonna bet again that it's something completely different. I wonder how much would really be similar?...