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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Work: Something you do?

Wah? Work is, of course and by very definition, something you do. However, for me and may others it's also, maybe even more so given my low-ass-class stature, a place you go...go everyday...5,6,12 or more days a week. (trust me, there are no 7 day work weeks. There's just 6, then it's at least a 12 day week.) Though I'm not inclined to work in their industry, Best Buy has implemented a plan to help some of it's employees remember that work is only worth it if you get things done. Their plan is called ROWE, Results-Only Work Environment, and is being used by about 3,000 workers at the company’s main offices in Richfield, Minn. It was tested at two divisions of Best Buy in 2003 and then spread to other units. There's no work schedules, but you'd better get things done.

Individual team managers have developed goals for each worker that are intended to serve as the sole basis for deciding whether that employee is delivering the necessary results. About 80% of Best Buy’s headquarters staff have switched to ROWE.
ROWE’s developers say a main goal is to get managers to abandon the widespread but misguided notion that “Time + Physical Presence = Results.”

I don't know, I bet there's heavy politics involved. Though, absolutely right on the concept.

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