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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

money and mouths

With all the recent blibbing and blabbing on financial news media I find something interesting: How far can you really stand behind what you say? You could think of it like a derivative from calculus, using "why" as the differentiator. From that analogy I suppose the integral would be the thoughts you say. I mean I'm always hearing about how "this will do that, and if this then the end of the world." Much of the time it's to one extreme or another. When I argue with someone (as I often do) I find myself answering why after why after why question until it ends up that I don't know after a while. A lot of the time when I give the why I'll get some damn illogical reference to some fringe "study" or "evidence". Frustrating, but I guess that's why successful people are those who can cut through bullshit like that. But even successful people don't know everything...

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