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Sunday, February 17, 2008

A word

I found a word I don't like. At least, not used in the present tense. I suppose it is actually as good a word as any at describing the way something had been or had been perceived to be. I can't stand the word crisis. Damn fool-ass word really. What the hell does a word like crisis do for you in the present tense, other than make you out to be a "sky-is-falling" chicken-little-bastard. --"We're in a crisis."--How the hell do you know? Maybe there's going to be...but that's still a stretch...a hell of a stretch. We can generally surmise that "there had been a crisis", but I can't understand anything about crisis. Catastrophe? Ab-sol-utely. But crisis...f--- off

This thought came to me after looking at this article in the NY Times.

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