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Saturday, February 16, 2008


14 "challenges" were announced at the AAAS convention in Boston, Mass. Here they are:
Make solar energy affordable
Provide energy from fusion
Develop carbon sequestration
Manage the nitrogen cycle
Provide access to clean water
Reverse engineer the brain
Prevent nuclear terror
Secure cyberspace
Enhance virtual reality
Improve urban infrastructure
Advance health informatics
Engineer better medicines
Advance personalised learning
Explore natural frontiers

Ray Kurzweil says that humans and nanobots will merge, get this, by 2029. What a load of post-compost. Secure cyberspace??? What the hell is that? I thought we quit using that proto-computer networking-term in the late 90s. Explore natural frontiers??? When the hell haven't we? Prevent Nuclear Terror...I want to know who put that one on the list. You know it's got to be a solo act. Any way I learned of this from the BBC.


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