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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Kudos Blockbuster

I just recently returned from blockbuster with two movies in my hand. I did not pay for them. That's right, I walked up to the counter and laid my coupons down and walked right out. Of course after scanning my card and asking for my phone number...why do they always ask for my phone number? Anyway, we're subscribers to Blockbuster online. For the most part I let my girlfriend handle all that business since I'm really not up and up on the movies thing. Anyway I just got the gist of it the other day:
  1. Go to Blockbuster online
  2. Then you search for movies (they even had "Ghengis Blues")
  3. Then they mail them to you
  4. Watch them
  5. Return them via the US Postal Service.
Okay, that's wonderful, really it is. But I recently found out that there's an alternate option to #5. You can also just stop by your local Blockbuster store and use the sealed envelope to get another movie free! That's incredibly awesome! Why? Because Blockbuster stores are practically worthless if you're into foreign or non-pop movies. But online you have a great selection. Soooo, now
  1. Go online
  2. Get hard to finds
  3. Watch them and return to store
  4. Pick up "New Release" that you want to see
That's cool. Just thought I'd share.

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