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Monday, September 3, 2007

What a bugger

I'd like to start giving this blog some direction and regularity soon. It's an odd thing, I never really wanted to start a weblog/personal website. I wanted to have had one going for a while. Maybe just a few months, or even several years would've been neat to. That's a good indication where I've been in my life lately. I find a tremendous amount of difficulty with starting almost anything at all, after the honeymoon of the announcement that is. I've been all too good at announcing what I'm going to do and what I should've been doing that, even though I've been keenly aware of it, I'd trained myself to "give-up" before actually trying. What a bugger that's been.

And all of that is not some announcement that "from this time forth...blagga blagga bleh...blagga blagga." I may still be though-infected by it and may go on in spite of it's processes. Oh well.

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